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In my efforts to equip my community with the tools to protect themselves from malicious hackers, I’ve compiled a list of various phone scams to avoid. Good luck!


Refrain from answering a call from an unrecognized caller ID
Experts warn- picking up a call verifies an active number and could subject you to more calls. Also, avoid calling back to find
out who called; it could lead to a scam.
Hang up immediately if you answer an unwanted call
Don’t press number buttons to be connected with someone; it could lead to a scam.
Don’t rely on caller ID
If a caller claims to be a business, organization or the government, hang up, look up call-back information from a legitimate website or recent bill and verify that the call
you received was authentic.
Don’t provide or confirm your personal information
Don’t offer or confirm account numbers, your social Security number, passwords or other identifying information- unless you know who
you are dealing with – even then be cautious.
Look into services that can help block unwanted calls
Some are free- According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC;, these services include features on your mobile phone, apps,
cloud-based services, call blocking devices or services provided by your phone service carrier. If you are considering an app and have privacy concerns, check the app’s privacy policy.
Be suspicious of any caller pressuring you to take immediate action. In general, it is the sign of a

Report unwanted calls or file a complaint at consumer and, and report unwanted calls at
For more information, visit and