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We live in a technologically-driven world. Almost every single aspect of our lives has been affected by technology. Our personal and professional relationships all, in some way or another, depend on technology. The impact that technology has had on multiple industries cannot be overstated. From real estate to construction, Hollywood and finance, almost every single sector has felt technology’s massive reach. Another industry that has recently felt the significance of technology is philanthropy.

As the city treasurer of Carson, California, I find it incredibly important to work to create a sense of community and what better way to accomplish that goal than through charity. Since technology is a large part of our lives, I‘ve highlighted examples below


Feedie is a great way to use social media for good. Through Feedie, you can take photos of your food and upload them to your various social media platforms. For every like or comment or share, the participating restaurant will donate to The Lunchbox Fund, a charity dedicated to providing South African school children with food. Simply download the app to your smartphone, login with one of your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), look for a participating restaurant with Feedie’s map and get to posting.


While Lyft is not exclusively meant for charitable contributions, the ride-sharing company has made major strides in fostering a collaborative and philanthropy-driven atmosphere. The service currently has a program running where riders can round their fare up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to any charity they please. It’s a quick and easy way to donate money to a cause you care about.

Charity Miles

If you want to donate to charity while getting fit, Charity Miles is the app for you! Through Charity Miles, users can log their miles run, walked or cycled and turn them into donations. The app has a variety of corporate sponsors who help make donations. More specifically, for every mile you bike, a corporate sponsor will donate $.10, and for every mile you walk or run, they will donate $.25. Using the technology in your smartphone, the app can automatically track your miles so you don’t have to worry about it.

Technology has allowed us to do amazing things, from walking on the moon to communicating with each other instantaneously. But most importantly, it is allowing us to help one another out in quick and clever ways. I am eager to see just how much more technology can influence philanthropy.